Things Unmarried Women Are Tired Of Hearing

Marriage is a lifelong journey where two individuals guarantee to be there for one another in all walks of life. The question of when to get hitched ought to be a person’s decision. A few people choose to settle down at an early age and some take as much time as is needed on account of their priorities. I accept there is nothing incorrectly in it. Marriage is one such choice an individual should take when the person is totally prepared for it. Sadly, we live in a society where the decisions of other people particularly women are tremendously influenced by the assessments of others. Exactly when a woman turns 25, she turns into a topic of discourse for the general population around her particularly for purported “Concerned Aunties and stay-away relatives” who were searching for this minute since long and wouldn’t squander any chance to ridicule you.
Read what Unmarried women are tired of hearing:

1.Time to settle down:

“What are you going to now? You are finished with your studies and you are earning a handsome salary.  When are you intending to get hitched?”

2. Relationship status:

You are now 25, why are you not getting married? Are you seeing someone? Is he earning well?
Blah, Blah(Even if the person is Single)SAD.

3. Time is running:

“If you don’t settle down now, you won’t get a  groom of your age.  Time is running, better to decide fast and settle down soon”

4. Constant Reminders:  

“Your Elder sister is married now, Next is your turn!”

5. Free Advice:

“I had kids at this Age and look at you”

5.Cooking Shooking:

“You don’t even know how to cut vegetables, how would you manage after marriage? Who will cook for you?”

6.Match Made:

“ He has done Btech from XYZ University and is a software engineer in France, he is perfect for you.”

7.Emotional Drama:

“My last wish is to see you getting married and play with your kids.”

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