No Harm In Cutting Ties With People For The Sake Of Your Own Happiness

It is extremely difficult to let go of the ones who matter to you and in our society, it is considered as being mean if you cut off with people who are close to you. We fail to realise that after being with someone and spending quality time with them make us realize whether they are the one whom we wish to be with or we should walk away from them.

We all have encountered with people who become really close to us but with time we realize that things have changed and the bond you shared with them have vanished. It’s important to let go of such relationships.
It might sound odd at first as to how you can cut ties with someone who is close to you but remember these decisions are not taken overnight or happens because of a small fight, it takes a while to understand what’s actually is going wrong. How you feel incomplete in spite of being with them.

There comes a time when the people with whom we shared most of our memories suddenly become not so important to us. Situations and priorities changes with time and all your attention shifts from your so-called “Best Friends” to your “LIFE.” It’s not anyone’s fault, but things change with time and it better to accept than to live in denial.

We hold on to people, listen to their advises even though we don’t agree with them just to avoid the guilt of cutting ties with people. We over thinking of how people would react if we choose to cut off with them. What we forget is that just to keep them happy, we continue to be with them. At times, it is important to let go of such people to grow in life.

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