Popular Vegetarian Foods That Are Surprisingly Non-Vegetarian

We just got over with Navaratri. Many people were fasting at this time and others stopped eating non-vegetarian food. Are you one of those who was completely on a vegetarian diet during this time then you surely need to read this?
There are many food items available in the market with a vegetarian tag on but some of their ingredients are obtained from meat products.
Here is a list of products you should think before eating if you are a vegetarian or avoiding non-veg food for some time:


Very popular Indian bread, “Naan” which is a favorite choice in bread for everyone especially for Vegetarians. But unfortunately, some authentic recipes of Naan, use eggs to make the dough soft and stretchy. All the vegetarians out there, next time when you go to a restaurant and order your food, make sure to opt for some other bread.


Cheese is one of the dairy product highly consumed in India from pizzas to sandwiches, dosa to paratha, CHEESE is a chief ingredient. This would come as a shock for all the vegetarians. Cheese is made up of an enzyme called “Rennet” which is obtained from animal guts. The manufacturers do not specify the name of the enzyme in the packaging and so many people are unaware of the fact.

3.White Sugar:

White sugar undergoes a process of cleaning to wash off all the dirt and unwanted particles. You would be surprised to know that the cleaning is done with the use of natural carbon which is derived from Bone Char produced by charring animal bones.
Therefore it is advisable to use a natural sweetener like honey, jaggery or you can even choose unprocessed sugar.


It is quite favorite among the kids and is easily available in the market. You all would be aware of the fact that Jelly is made up of Gelatin. But did you know WHAT is Gelatin made of? It is an animal source like animal elastin, fat, oil and much more.

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