On World Parkinson’s Day, Here Is What You Need To Know About The Disease

Every year on April 11th, Parkinson’s Day is observed with an aim to spread awareness about the disease. Parkinson is a nervous system disorder that affects your body movement which leads to loss of controlled body movement. The initial signs of the disease are unclear speech, stiffness in arms and legs, shaking of hands. With time, the condition starts to get worse.
The major concern regarding Parkinson is the lack of awareness regarding the disease.

On World Parkinson’s Day, we bring you some important points regarding it.

According to experts, it is caused due to environmental and genetical factors and leads to the damage of nerve cells.

People suffering from Parkinson show different signs. In the early stage, the muscles get stiff and the movement gets slower. Unable to walk properly or perform a simple task like writing, getting up from the chair. Due to break down of nerve cells, the person unable to blink, smile or move properly. They even avoid having a conversation with others due to their condition.

Every year, the number of Parkison’s patients is increasing due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Increase in consumption of junk food, lack of exercise, stressful life cause a great effect on your brain which leads to diseases like this.

  1. First and the foremost way to prevent yourself from the disease is to live a healthy life.
  2. Avoid eating junk food like soft drinks, spicy street food. Switch to fresh food and vegetables rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals that help in the proper function of the brain.
  3. As per experts, people who exercise regularly are at the lowest risk of developing the disease. Body movement leads to blood circulation which flows towards your brain and increases the production of oxygen in the brain that protects the neurons from damage.
  4. Take a good amount of sleep, that helps the brain to relax and rejuvenate itself and process the necessary information.
  5. Stress is a major cause of the entire problem. Too much of stress affect your brain functioning. It is advisable to stay relax and handle the stressful situation in a positive way. Switch to meditation or Yoga which will help your brain to relax and function well.

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